What Every Woman Should Know about Radical Islam & Sharia Law

Pat English     Have you seen the movie “The Stoning of Soraya?”  If not I recommend you go out and see it.  One must admit that this is an extreme example of the worst of Sharia Law as practiced and advocated by Radical Islam.  In Iran an innocent women is condemned to death by stoning because she was falsely accused of infidelity by a husband who wanted another woman.   The story is a true one and took place in Iran during 1998.  One sees the father, the husband and then the sons of Soraya stoning her to death.  How sad!  How could any religion/culture/cult be so brutal?  However, while this may be an extreme example of Radical Islam, it is not unusual today to hear of honor murders in many non-Islamic countries where a woman is accused of anything from not marrying a selected husband to adultery.

The murders generally are conducted a little more humanly than with Soraya:  They are conducted with guns or knives or by strangulation.  If you think this cannot happen in the United States you are wrong!   When she was just 19, Sandeela Kanwal traveled from America to Pakistan for an arranged marriage to a cousin twice her age.  Less than six years later, after she refused to marry the cousin, she was dead, strangled by her father, Chaudhry Rashid, who was later arrested by police as the suspect for what some have called an “honor killing.”

Many European countries have either adopted some form of Sharia Law or are considering it.  Countries ruled by the tenets of Radical Islam are Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan and Egypt.  Even Non-Islamic countries like Canada, England, Holland, and Germany, where the Muslim population is growing at alarming rates, are contemplating incorporating some aspects of Sharia law into their judicial systems.

Sharia Law is a brutal method for Radical Islam to control its population by intimidation for supposed offenses against Allah.  It comes into play in relation to how property is divided and inherited for women, sexual rights or prohibitions particularly for the female and what a woman must wear to keep her body covered. In some countries, such as Somalia, female genital mutilation is frequently performed on small female children.  The book “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali documents first hand this appalling procedure that was done to her and her sister when they were just small children in Somalia.  In Afghanistan a new law allowing a man to rape his wife if she does not submit was recently instigated.

Generally, Sharia Law is not compatible with democracy.  It does not treat women equal to men.  Women are second-class citizens not allowed the same property, inheritance and sexual rights of a male.  A woman is expected to wear at least a hijab, not associate with men other than her husband or father and walk behind her husband.  Moreover, not just women, but all non-Muslims are second-class citizens in the eyes of Islam.

It is essential that the Obama way of pandering and appeasement, is challenged because the sad reality in many Muslim countries is one of persecution and repression. True democracy needs to challenge Radical Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia and in fact all nations that do not allow equal Human Rights for both males and females.  I say to our current President, that it is time for him to realize the reality of the fact that the United States is a Christian country and yes, we are at war with Radical Islam.

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