Russian/American Alliance with the Islamization of Europe (book soon to be released)

Georgy Gounev  –  The famous Russian writer Feodor Dostoevsky once said “there are bad people who are much more effective in acting together in the pursuit of a common goal.”  The nature of Radical Islam’s assault on Europe seems to confirm the pessimism of the famous master of the written word.

The first challenge the author of any book devoted to the exploration of any development the future may  hold,  would be to point out the reason for his/her predictions.  The main concept of the book “Is the West Moving North?” is not complicated at all.  Based upon the premise that an alliance between the United States of America and Russia is POSSIBLE, the book explores the option where under certain specific circumstances, such an alliance COULD become inevitable.

Given the nature of the negativities marking the current stage of the bilateral American-Russian relations, a very logical question is:  Why does the author firmly believe in the possibility of an American-Russian Alliance?  The answer to this question is simple:  It is the spread of Radical Islam throughout the Muslim world and the quickly advancing process of Islamization in Europe that could bring about such a seemingly unlikely development

One of the most important geopolitical manifestations of the European dimension of the Muslim expansion is the demographic make-over not only of Europe, but of Russia as well.  Not too many people in the West realize the fact that the Muslim minority of Russia is increasing so rapidly that within the foreseeable future half of the recruits of the Russian Army will consist of Muslims.  An Islamized Europe, added to the Muslim populated areas of Central Asia, will encircle Russia from all directions except for those leading to the uneasy and unpredictable neighbor called China.

In the American case the future stages of the same process will yield a dramatic increase of anti-Americanism throughout Europe, the Middle East and Southern Asia.  Two important developments such as the conflict in Afghanistan, the end of which is not in sight, and the length and intensity of which  has all the potential of a Vietnam War like disaster, plus the growing probability of a break-up of Pakistan present a very serious challenge to American policymakers.  The realization of another chilling scenario where America could face a theocratic Islamo-Totalitarian Government of Pakistan in possession of a huge nuclear arsenal represents a source of danger the magnitude of which dwarfs any other challenge the United States is facing.  Another dimension of the Islamic threat  consists of the strong chance for the emergence of new conflicts requiring certain levels of direct American involvement in different parts of the world such as  Bosnia, Sudan, Pakistan and Nigeria – just to mention a few.

Under the same scenario, acts of terrorism could become a daily occurrence in some parts of Europe not unlike the pattern that had been established in Iraq.  The most obvious and probable targets will be the European countries with growing Muslim populations. Disastrous terrorist acts could also take place on American and Russian soil.

Those are the rough outlines of the background of the international situation and politics that would create the necessary conditions for the emergence of the American-Russian Alliance. The most favorable condition for all those developments is the continuation of the process of democratization of Russia that has been seriously damaged during the years of Vladimir Putin’s presidency. The other option is that some authoritarian ruler of Russia would display the ability to grasp the necessity of the American- Russian alliance.  (This may include Putin if his strategy to become President of Russia once again succeeds).

The structure of the book fits the concept upon which it is based.  The role of an introduction is played by a chapter entitled “The End of the Cold War and the Dawn of the Radical Islam.”  The manuscript is divided into five parts, each one containing two chapters. The first part represents a review of the Soviet and Russian politics and strategies with regard to the United States from the WWII era all the way to 9/11.  The second part describes the American policies toward Russia during the same period. Part three deals with the Islamization of Europe focusing on the demography and sociology of the problem and the successful offensive of Radical Islam. Part Four follows the specificity of the United States and Russia as targets of Radical Islamist assault. Finally, part five analyses the changes of the entire structure of international relations as a result of the emergence of the American-Russian Alliance.


Georgy Gounev was accepted as a political refugee by the US Government in 1988. Born and raised in Bulgaria he obtained his MA from the University of Saint Clement, Sofia, Bulgaria, and his PhD from the Institute of International Relations in Moscow, Russia.  He taught history and politics at the Department of History and the Faculty of Journalism in the University of Saint Clement.  He contributed actively to Radio Germany and Radio Free Europe during the period of the Communist dictatorship, and to the first Bulgarian newspapers free of censorship.

For two years Gounev was a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Gounev has a long record of public speaking and lecturing throughout the United States. He is, also, the author of four books published in his native country (two of them after the fall of Communism).

For a long time Gounev has lectured on the issues of WWII history, American-Russian relations, and the ideology and strategy of Radical Islam. Since 2007 he has taught classes in Comparative Russian and Soviet history at Saddleback College and International Relations at Irvine Valley College. A movie based on one of his scripts involving the American-Russian cooperation imposed by the war on terror during an attempt to prevent a major terrorist act is attracting the interest of several American and Russian moviemakers.

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  1. patsjc says:

    I look forward to reading the book when it is complete. It should be a winner!

  2. bluepill says:

    Pagan to christianity: 0 – 350 AD
    Christianity to Islam: 650 AD – 2500 AD
    sorry about your future 🙂

  3. read before BUY…

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  4. Applicatons says:


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