Georgy Gounev – According to the hard core American leftists, both the educated and the ignorant ones, there is nothing wrong with the Islamic World. In their view it was the imperialist and oil-hungry administration of former President George W. Bush that brought about all calamities in the world, including 9/11 and hurricane Katrina, upon the United States. Fortunately, there are many people who fully realize the nature and the magnitude of the Islamo-Totalitarian quest for global domination. By the way, the more popular term Islamo-Fascism is incorrect, because Radical Islam combines the worst features of BOTH variations of totalitarianism – the Fascism and the Communism. Hence, Islamo-Totalitarianism is a more appropriate term. There are many experts and authors who believe that the real enemy is Islam itself.

Consequently, they argue, there is no reason for any optimism with regard to the opportunity for the emergence of some form of communality of interests between any significant group of Muslims and the enemies of the Jihadist ideology, practice and aggression. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, almost all the arguments of the experts and authors who support this view are absolutely correct. For instance no Muslim organization raised its voice in protest against the tortures and beheadings practiced by the jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It would be worth remembering the tragic ordeal Denmark recently went through. No Danish Muslims marched on the streets of Copenhagen in support of the country that had been so generous to them. Let’s not forget that the Muslim community of Denmark, which constitutes less than 8 percent of the entire population, receives 40 percent of the welfare budget. The world-wide Muslim protest against the publication of the Prophet Mohamed- related cartoons in Denmark wasn’t as spontaneous as it was presented at the time. As a matter of fact, there were the members of the Council of the Danish Imams who traveled abroad in order to instigate the rampage of the mobs that burned Danish flags and ransacked the embassies and businesses of Denmark. Clearly the Imams had committed a treasonous act for which the right punishment would have been a prison sentence, or even better, expulsion from the country they had betrayed.

Regrettably however, no group of Danish Muslims took to the streets carrying the flags burned by the unruly mobs. No Muslim voice condemned the crime of the imams either. The list of such deeds is shockingly long in order to be quoted in its entirety.

There is another side of the coin however, which also deserves to be investigated. Let’s start with a bit of recent history. Few Western observers have paid attention to the extremely important fact that the first resistance to the process of Islamization, along the lines of Radical Islam, occurred in a Muslim populated region.  An entire new country by the name of Bangladesh was born as a result of the massive protest against the forcible Islamization of the educational and judicial systems of the former Eastern province of Pakistan. In other words, the emergence of a new Muslim country on the map of the world occurred as a result of the reinforcement of a Bengal cultural and national identity brought about by an Islamist repression trying to impose the tenets of Radical Islam rejected by the majority of the population.

Another situation providing food for thought expresses itself in the circumstance that there is not one single jihadist who belongs to the Muslim minority of India, and we are talking about a population numbering well over one hundred million people. The regions of Southern Asia and the Middle East, the hotbed of Radical Islam and Jihadism, constitute an area which is in a seemingly unending turmoil. Undoubtedly, its main component is the anti-Americanism which is particularly strong in Pakistan, parts of Afghanistan, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. At the same time, however, the interviews conducted with Americans who visited or are working in Bangladesh, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria are unanimous about the friendly treatment they have received from the majority of the locals.

Particularly interesting is the case with Morocco because many Moroccans living in Western Europe are among the most active followers of Radical Islam. Obviously, most of the bad apples have left Morocco for Europe… There are millions of Muslims who want to live in the Twenty First century instead of the Seventh where the Jihadists want to take the entire world.  Just a small sample of the incredibly confusing mosaic marking the emotions and attitudes of the Muslim world:  A Saudi diplomat belonging to the privileged elite of the Desert Kingdom made an unexpected statement in a private conversation that he would prefer to die rather than to see his daughter covering her body and face in keeping within the requirements of the jihadists.  Are we in a position to assume that the before-mentioned diplomat is the only resident of Saudi Arabia who thinks along the same lines?

In the Balkan area where the jihadists have already launched the second stage of their campaign targeting the Islamization of the region, many young Muslims don’t want to live according to the Jihadist dictates. There is a growing conflict between the Muslim youth of Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia and the Jihadist “missionaries” swarming the region. A quick snapshot of the current shape of the Muslim world would reveal a very complicated picture indeed. At the same time isn’t it possible to assume that out of this complexity a skillful Western approach should be able to extract the basics of a strategy designed to turn into pipe-dreams the global ambitions of the fanatics and murderers trying to offer the world the PAST instead of the FUTURE?

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  1. patsjc says:

    Great article. Perhaps there is still hope for Europe if a moderate Islam becomes the norm.

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