Amazon Free Kindle for PC’s Download Link

February 24, 2011

Pat English

Dear Friends:

With this link you can download a free kindle onto your computer.  This is really helpful if you want to buy an E-Book but you are located in Europe or Russia and can not get a hard copy book.


February 24, 2011

Georgy Gounev

It could be successfully argued that the current period of temporary military rule in Egypt is the right time to explore the options for an effective American strategy with regard to that country.  Ideally, it would be much better if the long lasting branch of authoritarian secularism, existing in Egypt since the times of President Nasser, would be replaced by a system of political democracy.  A very painful question however is:  Are there any chances for the emergence of a democratic system out from the rubble of Hosni Mubarak’s presidency?  Read the rest of this entry »

Egypt, the United States and the Ghost of Khomeini

February 4, 2011
 Georgy Gounev
Are there any similarities between Iran of 1978 and Egypt of 2011?  Sadly, yes.
To start with, autocratic leaders who gradually managed to alienate the majority of their populations ruled both countries for thirty years.  Both statesmen suppressed the activities of the democratically inclined and secular political forces — a huge mistake that brought about the fatal narrowing of the social base of their regimes.  Undoubtedly, Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi was a dependable American ally, who for the duration of his domination over Iran was able to bring stability into a volatile, very important, and permanently explosive region.  The same characteristic is valid for President Mubarak of Egypt.  Last but not least, both secular leaders and the regimes created by them faced the opposition of the Islamic fundamentalists. Read the rest of this entry »