On Tolerating the Intolerant

Georgy Gounev – georgygounev@yahoo.com – November 27, 2012

This timeless thought of Thomas Mann that “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to Evil” is completely applicable to the events taking place in Europe today – half a century after the death of this great German writer.

Counting on the demographic changes determined by the high birth-rate of the Muslim immigrants to Europe, the radical Islamists are following a clear-cut strategy designed to bring the entire continent under their control.

If the protection of the rights of every human being is a sacred duty for every democratic country, the Muslim residents of Europe do not have any reason to complain.

In Denmark, for instance, the Muslims, who constitute only about 7 percent of the population, are the beneficiaries of approximately 40 percent of the total welfare budget of the country.  Everywhere throughout Europe the Muslims are allowed to create their places of worship – the mosques are dotting the landscape of the continent from Stockholm to Tirana, and from London to Moscow.

Many of the European countries even pay for the construction of the mosques at the taxpayers’ expense.  The Muslims have the right, as well, to send their children to Islamic schools. They have, of course, their own media outlets.  It seems that all the necessary conditions were in place in order to expect a smooth integration of the young generation of Muslims into the mainstream of the European life and values.

Unfortunately, the majority of the representatives of the young generation of Muslims did not develop a “European Dream.”   Instead, their loyalty was captured by the numerous and indefatigable Saudi “missionaries” and imams imported from the Middle East to promote the cause of radical Islam.

It could be pointed out that a large number of European Muslims want to spend their lives in the 21st Century.  At the same time however, in keeping with the requirements of radical Islam the imams want to transfer them into the medieval world of the Prophet Mohamed.

The main goal of the Saudi missionaries in the Balkan area is to force the Muslim population of Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia to adopt the most extreme variety of Islam called Wahhabism. Their activities produced a violent conflict with the local Muslim population.

As very often is the case, there is more than one party responsible for its development not only the powerful assault on European tradition, culture and identity, but above all on European democracy. The fault of the new Muslim community of Western Europe and the Scandinavian countries is that it allowed the most radical and reactionary forces of the Islamic world to speak on its behalf.

What, then, are the Islamists complaining about?  In Denmark, for instance, a brand of pastries was called “Jewish pastries” after the gifted master created them centuries ago and happened to be Jewish.  It turned out that this name was “offensive” to the feelings of the Muslim residents of the Kingdom of Denmark. As a result of those complaints the pastries were renamed “Danish Pastries.”

While still on Danish soil, let’s go back a few years ago when the cartoons of Prophet Mohamed sparked a hysterical outburst of hatred throughout the Muslim world.  As it turned out, the anger of the unruly crowds that ransacked Danish embassies and businesses and burned the flags of one of the most civilized and democratic countries in the world, was far from spontaneous.  The anti-Danish demonstrations were sponsored by a group of Copenhagen based imams who traveled abroad in the aftermath of the publication of the cartoons with the specific purpose of organizing international “demonstrations.”

If the Danish Islamists did not like the Jewish cookies, their British counterparts did not like Jewish history and tragedy.  It turned out that the history of the Holocaust in some way affects the sensibility of the followers of radical Islam!

Strangely enough, the same tender Islamic souls didn’t react to the torture and beheadings committed in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Jihadist murderers.  Neither did they raise their voices against the killers who served a theocratic Islamic dictatorship, and shed Muslim blood on the streets of Teheran.

What is revealing in this gloomy reality is the harmony existing between the arrogance of the Islamic Fundamentalists, their Western sympathizers, and the cowardly government bureaucracy sunken in the dirt of political correctness.

The speedy advancement of the cause of radical Islam would have been absolutely impossible without the constant support of the European leftists. Their anti-Israeli and anti-American attitudes blinded them to the nature and the magnitude of the Islamist danger lurking over Europe.

The most abhorrent features that the Islamic Fundamentalists are preparing for the world are the total subjugation of women and suppression of any form of freedom. The powerful voices of all those who support the Islamic “complaints” are the ones who provide justification for every criminal act committed by the Jihadists, while at the same time they are enabling the success of the Islamist strategy designed to conquer Europe.

Very often the pro-Islamic tilt of those “intellectuals” reaches the magnitude of an absolute and frightening paradox.  In her attempt to explain the increased number of rapes committed by Muslim criminals against Norwegian women, Unni Wikan, professor of anthropology at the University of Oslo, made the following statement:  “Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for those rapes.”

According to the illustrious professor “Norwegian women must realize that we live in a multicultural society and adapt themselves to it”…  The psychological and intellectual climate of Western Europe in which professor Wikan’s view are accepted as the voice of reason, explains the lack of appropriate action in defense of the national interests when threatened by Islamic Fundamentalism. If, by extension, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for instance, is told that death threats against her are her fault because she had spoken out, a moral inversion such as this, should not be accepted.

The radical imams who brought such calamity on the country that has been so generous to them deserved to be taken to court or even better, not to be allowed to step again on the soil of the country they betrayed.  However, the behavior of the Danish authorities exacted no cost whatsoever from them for their anti-Danish mayhem.

When nothing happened the same imams stated without blinking that considering the dynamics of the demographic changes, soon Denmark will officially be proclaimed an Islamic state (Gates of Vienna – Michael Mannheimer – Eurabia The Planned Islamization of Europe, – December 19, 2010).

Both the British and the Australian authorities denied access to Geert Wilders, a popular Dutch politician under the pretext that Great Britain and Australia were protecting the Muslims from Wilder’s “hate speech.”   At the same time the hate filed messages practiced by the Islamic propagandists continues unrestricted in both countries.

It is time, already to leave the unattractive subject area of this article. The only hope for the salvation of Europe would be a strategy based upon the deeply prophetic thought of the great German writer.

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