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The Dark Side of the Crescent Moon

Georgy Gounev – April 30, 2011

The Islamization of Europe is not just of matter of demography but also a well-planned, masterfully executed Jihadist strategy. The United States and Russia are likewise on the Islamist agenda which demonstrates the crucial need for all nations to understand and address the grave implications of radical Islam. For anyone seeking a firm grasp of this critically important subject “The Dark Side of the Crescent Moon” covers topics such as:

  • The people, countries and global movements that factor into radical Islam’s growth.
  • A comprehensive and incisive analysis of the current international dynamics.
  • Historical antecedents.
  • Modern-day geopolitics.
  • The past, present and future role of the United States and Russia.

“The Dark Side of the Crescent Moon”  will be released in August 2014 as a paperback by Transaction Publishers that are the publishing side of Rutgers University.  It can be ordered by going to Amazon Books and then search for “The Dark Side of the Crescent Moon.”



Fighting Evil with the Help of Satan: President Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin, 1939-1945
By Georgy Gounev

The very magnitude of the dramatic contradiction between the amazing insight demonstrated by FDR with regard to Nazi Totalitarianism, and his staggering blindness toward the threat of the much more sophisticated left-wing version of the same phenomenon is a fascinating subject for historical research and interpretation.



  LOG LINE – A contemporary political, psychological, action-thriller that blends  James Bond with Syriana.

The assault on a Soviet military base in Kazakhstan performed by a team of fanatical Muslim terrorists ends up with the disappearance of a large container filled with deadly poisonous gas. Some years later the smuggling of the dangerous substance on American soil precipitates a fierce competition between the FBI on one side, and a group of Radical Muslim terrorists trying to unleash a gas attack on New York City, on the other.

There is a score of well-developed characters against the background of relentless action. The dynamics of the story line becomes even more intense when the information provided by a Chechen detainee leads to the establishment of a joint American-Russian task force led by two former enemies from the years of the Afghan War.

Their enemies are a fanatical youngster coming from an isolated Afghan village, who is ready to die before he had ever lived, and a beautiful Chechen girl full of hatred for both, Russia and the United States. The end of the story comes as a shock to the viewer accustomed to the easily predictable happy ending – all efforts to apprehend the terrorists fail, and at the last moment the gas attack on New York is prevented only due to the fact that the beautiful Chechen woman has a change of heart.

 WRITER:           Georgy Gounev

PRODUCER:       Irena Mihova (

PRODUCTION LOCATION:   Bulgaria where, due to the substantially lower costs, numerous American films have been produced, (a recent example being   Brian De Palma’s “The Black Dahlia”).

TALENT:   Jessica Lacy of ICM will package the Picture once certain level of financing is in place.

COMMENT:   A Russian Production Company has already expressed serious interest for co-production.  Discussions commenced with Wild Bunch and Breakout Films (France).

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